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Fall Decorations — October 29, 2013

Fall Decorations

Fall Decorations

Fall is my favorite time of the year! I finally got around to doing a little decor around the entry way of our house this is a simple yet beautiful way to spice up the look of your house during the beautiful fall months. I cut down a couple bundles of corn stalks and securely tied them together with twine. I also husked some corn but kept the casing attached and tied together three pieces of corn together and hung them from out light fixtures outside. The hanging corn added the perfect dash of color to our home.

Cowl neck infinity scarf — October 24, 2013

Cowl neck infinity scarf

Cowl neck infinity scarf

This scarf is on of my all time favorites that I have crocheted. I used a double stitch with two different colors (grey and a blueish grey color).The double stitch made the scarf a little bit thinker for the chilly fall and winter days in Michigan. While making the scarf I decided to make a style that slips right over my head which can be worn as a neck warmer. I absolutely love wearing this scarf with different coats, sweatshirts and even sweaters!

Door Shelf — October 22, 2013

Door Shelf

Happy Tuesday!

Today I wanted to share a project I made for my moms birthday! It was a really simple and fun project that I love. For you crafty go getters this is the project for you.

The steps to make the door shelf is pretty self explanatory, I have also uploaded a series of pictures that I took throughout the process.

The biggest trick to making your own door shelf is to use a solid core door. (It makes the drilling part much easier when attaching the two pieces and putting in the shelves.)Image



There are so many things you can so with your shelves such as the shape (square or rounded) and the placement of shelves on the door.


**I recommend painting all the pieces separately before assembling the finished product. It will save you a lot of time and help you avoid paint drips! **


My favorite part about this particular piece of furniture is that you can re-paint it as you redecorate your room or even get sick of the color. Just prime the door and voila!

A special thanks to my dad for helping me out and letting me use his power tools! 🙂

— October 20, 2013

Photo on 9-16-13 at 6.11 PM #2


Hi Everyone!

This is my first post, I will start off by introducing myself. My name is Nicole and I have a strong passion for creating, building, and painting all sorts of different things! I love to try new projects! I have created this blog in hopes of inspiring people to be creative and to take the time to do what they love.

Do not hesitate to leave comments on my posts if you have any feedback for me! I love to hear other people’s ideas!

Thanks for stopping in and reading!