I am going to start off by saying how happy I am that today is almost over! I had two cumulative finals today (a few weeks before final week) which made it even more stressful. On the bright side half of my finals are done already!

I’m looking forward to my date I have scheduled with a large glass of wine in a little bit. 🙂

Today I am going to share a really fun hair style that I just recently tried for the first time and LOVED the way it turned out. I have pin straight hair. If anyone else like me has very silky hair that can be a pain to curl I have found the solution.

I love to curl my hair with my curling iron or wear it wavy with my straightener but I have never been able to curl my hair and make it look messy and natural.

This first picture is quite horrible quality – my roommate was gone so I took it selfie style. Believe me when I say it is really difficult to take a picture of your whole head. To achieve the buns on the top of your head I sectioned off my hair and twisted the sections around until the roots started to twist. I secured a couple bobbie pins in a “X” under each bun to secure it in place. Image

I slept in the buns over night and was sure that my hair was basically already dry so in the morning I wouldn’t have to blow dry it. Once I woke up I unsecured each bun and ran my fingers through each section and got a messy curl which I loved. I love seeing people with really full hair with a lot of body so I got the perfect results!




I threw a sparkly gold headband on and teased the back of my crown to give it a little edge.

Hope you like it!