Happy Tuesday!
We had our first snowfall yesterday and it was absolutely beautiful! I am not one to like snow coming this early in the year, but I won’t lie – I rather enjoyed the beauty of it. Lucky for me, the weather is supposed to be warming up later this week to the 40s. I could use some more Fall before Winter takes over!

If you haven’t realized yet, I love scarfs. Today I am going to share a couple different ways I like to wear my scarfs. For those of you who have scarfs and are unsure of how to wear them I hope this helps!Image

Start with your scarf folded in half around your neck.Image

Take one strand from the scarf and pull it through the loop. ImageImage

Pull the other long strand over the looped pieces and through the lop hole again by pushing it through toward your body.Image
And viola! This is a simple knotted scarf that I wear all the time.Image
Pictured below is the same knotted scarf with the ends tucked beck through the knot again to make a fuller look. I especially love this look when I am wearing a coat. Image
This picture is a basic way to wear a scarf, this is a style I see most often, I came up with a way to make the scarf seem fuller and not so flat. Once I wrap the scarf around my neck I like to pull the ends back over the middle part which creates a fuller look.